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Lake City Community School
Hinsdale County School District RE-1

614 N. Silver St.
PO Box 39
Lake City, CO 81235

P - 970-944-2314
F - 970-944-2662


Hinsdale County School District RE-1

Lake City Community School
By taking advantage of our well-prepared staff, unique size, mountain location and community resources, Hinsdale County Schools will offer exemplary and innovative education for every student.

Hinsdale County School District RE-1 is a unique and dynamic educational community that includes all students, families, staff and community members, creating a learning environment for all students that is individualized, academically challenging, lively, enriching, safe, respectful and caring.  We cultivate students' natural curiosity and extend their learning to their unique natural environment.  We strive to prepare students for advanced education, responsible citizenship and a balanced productive life.

     Hinsdale County School District RE-1 is governed by a five member elected Board of Directors that works with the school Superintendent under a Modified Policy Governance system.

     The school is supported by the property taxes and generous contributions of the citizens of Hinsdale County.

     The District places particular focus on state standards, child-oriented individualized learning, a low student-teacher ratio and technology.

 14ers  was selected as the School mascot in 2009

This coming year we are going to




Watch for forthcoming details!



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